Kudo Vanyoro

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Kuda Vanyoro is a MA student at the African Centre for Migration & Society. In 2015, he was an Honours student at the Midlands State University in Zimbabwe and a visiting student at ACMS. Kuda‘s Honours dissertation was on ‘Representing a re-presentation: Coverage of xenophobia research findings in the Mail & Guardian and Sowetan, 2008-2013’. He also conducted a yearlong study on research uptake and translation around ‘unpopular’ causes in the Global South, publishing his first academic paper titled ‘Pragmatic Pathways: Critical perspectives on research uptake in the Global South’.

In 2013, Kuda was awarded an International Human Rights Exchange Programme special scholarship from Bard College and the University of the Witwatersrand where he acquired distinguished multidisciplinary human rights education. During the course of the programme, he served as a Communications and Advocacy Intern at the Albert Street School for Refugees in Johannesburg where he became exposed to as well as interested in migration issues through his interaction with Zimbabwean refugees.

Kuda first joined ACMS in February 2014 as a Research, Communications and Outreach Intern and was nominated for the Migrating out of Poverty Research Internship Scheme from April to October 2014. His internship involved supporting all ACMS communications work, preparing and packaging policy briefs, research data capturing, undertaking desktop research and blogging on contemporary issues related to migration and poverty in Southern Africa.

Kuda will be supporting MaHP communications and research uptake, and blogging on his MA research that focuses on the role of street level bureaucrats in the South African policymaking and delivery process.

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Semantics in migration policy making and why they (should) matter

July 13, 2017 0 Comments

Researcher Kuda Vanyoro blogs about the recent Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), which was themed ‘Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration Now: Mechanics of a Compact Worth Agreeing to’.

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What could go wrong in this year’s GFMD?

December 9, 2016 0 Comments

By KUDAKWASHE VANYORO and KELLYNN WEE The 2016 Global Forum on Migration and Development just opened in Bangladesh. Two return delegates from civil society explain what would make this year’s conference, in their eyes, better than the last.

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Health systems and migration

South Africa, like the rest of the Southern African Development Community, has a high prevalence of communicable diseases, an increasing non-communicable disease burden, and diverse internal and cross-border population movements.  However, migration-aware responses are currently lacking.  This research explores the ways in which migration and mobility affect health systems, and suggests ways to improve responses to the movement of people.  

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Kuda Vanyoro

Kuda Vanyoro recently completed his MA (with distinction) in Migration & Displacement and is currently awaiting graduation. MA research report: Street level bureaucrats: migration and health in Gauteng and Limpopo.  Supervisor: Jo Vearey

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[Re]-presenting knowledge: Critical reflections on the coverage of xenophobia research in the South African media, 2008 to 2013

June 28, 2016 0 Comments

This presentation was made at the 23rd Annual South African Sociological Association (SASA) Conference at Rhodes University on 28 June, 2016. maHp researcher Kuda Vanyoro argues that there is a tendency by South African newspapers to merely report ‘using’ findings, and not ‘on’ them.

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