About maHp

Involving a series of unique research and public engagement projects, the Migration and Health Project Southern Africa (maHp) aims to explore (and evaluate) ways to generate and communicate knowledge in order to improve responses to migration, health and well-being in the SADC region. Multiple disciplinary perspectives, mixed method approaches, and the involvement of various stakeholders – including migrants themselves – are central.

Latest News

VIDEO: Ensuring the Covid-19 Vaccine Reaches Undocumented Migrants

maHp/ACMS director Professor Jo Vearey recently presented at this M8 Alliance expert meeting titled, ‘Ensuring the Covid-19 Vaccine Reaches Undocumented Migrants’, which forms part of a webinar series leading up to the upcoming World Health Summit (October 24-26, 2021). Watch the full webinar here.

OP-ED: No country for poor people – South African government must act on its motto of ‘saving lives and protecting livelihoods’

In this Daily Maverick op-ed, maHp/ACMS postdoctoral fellow Elsa Oliveira and research associate Rebecca Walker argue that, “government must support and protect all who live here, including foreign-born migrants”.

VIDEO: Healthcare In Transit webinar

ACMS and MSF – in collaboration with MiCoSA – recently hosted a webinar titled ‘Healthcare In Transit: Quantifying the health needs of migrants across the Limpopo’. Download the research report and watch the online discussion here.

WEBINAR INVITATION: The “covidisation” of migration and health research – Southern African consultation

The African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS) in collaboration with the Migration and Coronavirus in Southern Africa Coordination Group (MiCoSA) would like to invite you to attend the Southern African consultation on the “covidisation” of migration and health research.

PRESENTATION: The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on migrants and migration in South Africa

Last week, African Centre for Migration and Society (ACMS, Wits University) director Professor Jo Vearey presented at this Department of Statistics South Africa webinar on ‘The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on migrants and migration in South Africa’. See her presentation here.

MENTION: Migrants left vulnerable by Covid-19 pandemic, studies show

maHp/ACMS director Professor Jo Vearey was recently mentioned in this IOL News article recommending that government’s Covid-19 vaccine programme strategy include everyone – even migrants to ensure better success.

Explore maHp Research Projects

Telling the complex story of “medical xenophobia” in South Africa

maHp/ACMS doctoral researcher Kuda Vanyoro shares insights from his recent research on “medical xenophobia”, conducted in Musina. His study findings suggest that the experiences of non-nationals in South Africa’s public health care system are more complex and varied than implied by the dominant discourse on “medical xenophobia”.

Policy making in context

Very little is known about what drives policy making in South Africa. This project investigates the making and effects of policy around migration and health for migrant farm workers in Vhembe District, Limpopo.

Mothering and Families

Under this project we take migration as a lens to explore the ways in which forms of vulnerability, as created and shaped by the urban spaces of the city, are encountered and negotiated in the everyday city lives of migrant women…

Artisanal Small-Scale Mining & Well-Being

In this project we examine one form of informal work, small scale and artisanal mining and explore its connection to the urban economi(es), both formal and informal.

Bua Modiri (2019)

Bua Modiri is Setswana for “speak out worker”. The name was chosen by a group of sex workers during a Sisonke meeting. Participants in this project were asked to focus on messages specific to their occupation.

Independent Migrant Children

This qualitative study seeks to understand the different experiences and perspectives of migrant children who migrated to South Africa with regards to how they negotiate with different discourses of femininity and masculinity…