Artist Fellows

Artist Fellows

We have recently awarded four Artist Fellowships as part of the Migration and Health Project Southern Africa (maHp) – a research project at the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS), Wits University.

The Fellowship programme will allow us to establish new collaborations that support innovative and creative approaches to public engagement. The Artist Fellowship aims to support work that explores the role of art as public engagement, for promoting the role of research and new knowledge in supporting action on migration and health in Africa.

Using the artwork produced, we wish to engage with different publics through a range of creative engagement activities in order to place research into the broader cultural conversation and to promote the role of research and new knowledge in supporting action on migration and health in Southern Africa.

An interactive exhibition will take place in the first half of 2019. This will be accompanied by a publication that documents the artwork and reflects on the processes involved.

Artist Fellows

Carlos Amato

Carlos Amato is a political cartoonist. Carlos will produce a graphic novella – about 20 pages long – focused on the life of informal miners in Gauteng.

Cherae Halley

Cherae Halley is an Applied Theatre Practitioner and will be using an Applied Theatre methodology called Playback Theatre as a tool for research and to build community among migrants and nationals in Johannesburg.

Madoda Mkhobeni

Madoda Mkhobeni is a Street Photographer and for over a decade has been documenting the daily life struggles of people who reside in inner-city Johannesburg and Soweto.

Sydelle Willow Smith

Sydelle Willow Smith is a photographer/video director working across Africa focusing on memory, migration and identity.

Artist Fellows Updates

How not to draw a comic book about zama-zamas

maHp artist fellow Carlos Amato reflects on his positionality as a political cartoonist documenting the lived experiences of zama-zamas.