Meghna Singh

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Meghna Singh is a doctoral candidate at the University of Cape Town and a research associate at the African Centre for Migration and Society at Wits University Johannesburg. Hailing from New Delhi (India) Meghna is currently pursuing visual art practice and a research project on the theme of oceanic migrations in South Africa.

Working with mediums of video and installation, blurring boundaries between documentary and fiction, she creates immersive environments highlighting issues of ‘humanism’ through the tool of the imaginary. Her current focus is on the theme of critical mobilities, migration and the invisible class of mobile population that move around the world as a consequence of the capitalist globalized world we inhabit.

Meghna’s blog Our Story in this Ocean: Visualizing Historic and Contemporary Migration at Sea is a visual diary of the ongoing research and visual artwork for the final immersive video installation project expected to finish in July 2017. The blog is also used to document her travels in the four countries where the work is grounded (Mozambique, Cape Town, Lisbon and North Brazil).

Along with the grant from Wellcome Trust, she is also a recipient of a short-term visual arts grant from the Oriental Foundation (Lisbon), and will be based at the Hangar art residency and research institute while engaging with the Department of Comparative Literature (at the University of Lisbon in August-October 2016).

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“Container” carries migrants’ journey into virtual realm at IDFA

May 14, 2018 0 Comments

Directed by Simon Wood and Meghna Singh, “Container” takes a hybrid approach to documenting the experiences of migrants risking everything in search of a better life, presenting their stories through a unique combination of virtual reality and installation art.

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Visualising Migration at Sea

August 8, 2016

This arts-based research project aims to throw light on the world of oceanic mobilities and subaltern populations who get contained in states of suspension or drown in order to find a better life.

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