Covid-19 and Migration Governance in Africa

Rebecca Walker, Nick Maple and Jo Veary. (June 2021). Covid-19 and Migration Governance in Africa (Occasional paper No. 2), Migration and Coronavirus in Southern Africa Group (MiCoSA).

This is the second in a series of occasional papers that explore the implications of Covid-19 and responses to the pandemic on migration and for migrant and mobile communities on the African continent.

The aim of this occasional paper is, via a detailed mapping exercise, to identify the various ways in which African states have approached the protection of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers during the Covid-19 pandemic. In doing so the intention is for the report to serve as an overview of the measures taken by states, highlighting the sub-regional peculiarities. This includes (i) identifying good practices in the protection of migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers and internally-displaced persons (IDPs); and (ii) identifying manifestations of discrimination, intolerance, xenophobia, attacks on physical integrity, and ill-treatment of migrants during this pandemic.

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