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Journal Articles

The maHp team publishes in a wide range of internationally accredited journals.

Latest Articles

Negotiated Precarity in the Global South: A Case Study of Migration and Domestic Work in South Africa

Zaheera Jinnah (2020). ‘Negotiated Precarity in the Global South: A Case Study of Migration and Domestic Work in South Africa‘, Studies in Social Justice, 2020(14), 210-227, DOI: 10.26522/ssj.v2020i14.1971. Abstract: This article explores precarity as a conceptual framework to understand the intersection of migration and low-waged work in the global south. Using a case study of cross-border migrant domestic workers in South Africa, I discuss current debates on framing and understanding precarity, especially in the global south, and test its use as a conceptual framework to

CfP: Special Issue – (Re)imagining Research, Activism, and Rights at the Intersections of Sexuality, Health, and Social Justice

This special issue of Global Public Health seeks to bring scholars, activists, allies, and artists together to (re)imagine research and activism in the complex and divisive terrain of sexuality, health, and rights.

The City Otherwise: The deferred emergency of occupation of inner-city Johannesburg

This article draws on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Johannesburg between 2011 and 2019 in inner-city unlawful occupations and temporary emergency accommodation sites. These are often referred to as “hijacked buildings”…

The Migrant Nurse Dilemma (Creative Intervention)

In this article postdoctoral researcher Dudu Ndlovu offers a poetic transcription of an interview between a researcher and a migrant nurse.

A Creative Storytelling Project with Women Migrants in Johannesburg, South Africa (Dispatch)

In this dispatch ACMS/maHp postdoctoral researchers Rebecca Walker and Elsa Oliveira reflect on ‘Mwangaza Mama’, an arts-based storytelling project that they undertook in collaboration with a group of seven migrant women from across the African continent, who are now living in Johannesburg.

‘It’s about being safe and free to be who you are’: Exploring the lived experiences of queer migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in South Africa

In this article, maHp/ACMS doctoral researcher John Marnell, Elsa Oliveira and Gabriel Hoosain Khan draw on participant-created visual and narrative artefacts to offer insights into the complex ways in which queer migrants, refugees and asylum seekers living in South Africa negotiate their identities, resist oppression and confront stereotypes.