Research communication and public engagement

Research communication and public engagement


This area of work involves exploration and evaluation of communication and public engagement approaches in order to both disseminate research findings from maHp projects and to create opportunities for engagement with multiple publics.

maHp aims to support the development of improved responses to the health and wellbeing of people on the move within the southern African region.  To do this, a better understanding of – and engagement with – the politics of producing, communicating and using knowledge is needed.  This area of work aims to support the development of improved ways of doing research and ways of sharing research in order to better address the health and wellbeing needs of people on the move in southern Africa.

Public engagement projects


#artsmethods provides spaces for dialogue between the multiple stakeholders involved in developing, undertaking and sharing visual, arts-based research projects.

Policy dialogues

In partnership with the Johannesburg Migrant Health Forum, maHp is hosting a series of policy dialogues on issues relating to migration, health, policy and practice.

Public exhibitions

With the MoVE method:visual:explore project, maHp hosts public exhibitions and engagement events that provide a range of publics with the opportunity to engage with the lived experiences of diverse migrant groups in southern Africa.

Conferences and symposiums

maHp team members regularly participate in national, regional and international research conferences and symposia.

Participation in scientific committees

maHp team members participate as international experts in scientific and technical advisory committees relating to migration and health.

Reflections on the “Analysing Patient Mobility, Migration and Health” workshop

maHp researcher Tackson Makandwa reflects on the “Analysing Patient Mobility, Migration and Health” workshop, recently co-hosted by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in collaboration with the University of York and the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS).

Woman is the thread: maHp intern covers the Mwangaza Mama book launch

maHp intern Elena Olivieri blogs about the launch of the Mwangaza Mama project book.