Richman Mutono

Richman Mutono current, since 2018,MA Migration & Displacement)

MA Research report: Cross-Border movements : A source of transfer of diseases – A real challenge for the South African health care system.

Supervisor: Jo Vearey

Richman holds an Honours degree in International Relations (politics) from the Cardinal Malula Christian University( Kinshasa-DRC,2004), he also completed several professional trainings and other short courses such as Operations Centre Agent accredited by the University of Central Lancashire, Governance and Policy Advice (Hertie School of Governance,Berlin), The European Union in Global Governance (The European University Institute) and others. He also worked for about ten years in the cellular industry in South Africa as a sales consultant and manager.

Richman is currently a Masters student at ACMS with a particular interest in Migration and Health focusing on Cross-border movements as a  Source of transfer of diseases (unhealthy migration). He is also interested in looking at issues of migration and governance.