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Tackson Makandwa

Tackson Makandwa (current, since 2014, PhD in Migration & Displacement)

PhD title: Migration, gender and access to health: Exploring maternal healthcare experiences among migrant Zimbabwean women in Johannesburg South Africa.

Supervisor: Jo Vearey

About Tackson Makandwa

Tackson Makandwa is a postdoctoral researcher at the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS). He has worked as an assistant lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the Great Zimbabwe University, and as a processing officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs before joining the ACMS.

Since 2014 Tackson has worked on various projects that seek to improve healthy responses to migration in Southern Africa. His interests are in migration, urban health, social justice and maternal health issues in Southern Africa. He has worked and researched on maternal healthcare experiences of Zimbabwean women in Johannesburg (South Africa).

Under maHp work and for his PhD, Tackson focuses on migration and urban health in Johannesburg, using a maternal health lens – bringing those on the urban and healthcare margins on the spotlight.