The Migrant Nurse Dilemma (Creative Intervention)

Duduzile Sakhelene Ndlovu (2020). ‘The Migrant Nurse Dilemma‘, Studies in Social Justice 14:1, 166-168, DOI:


⁠I am a nurse
I work with pregnant women
I moved here in August⁠
I just wanted exposure
There we are still behind

It’s a challenge with foreigners
Check the passport
Proof of residence
In case she has a problem

I take them even if it’s not valid
They are pregnant
Send her away?
She collapses? …

For the rest of this poem and article click here: ‘The Migrant Nurse Dilemma‘.

About Duduzile Ndlovu

Dudu Ndlovu is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of the Witwatersrand where she completed her PhD in 2017. She is a recipient of a Newton Advanced Fellowship (2018-2020) through which, she is developing a decolonial arts based research agenda using poetic inquiry.

Dr Ndlovu’s research interests include: exploring arts-based research methods as a form of decolonising knowledge production; interrogating intersectionality through narrative work; and analysing the gendered politics of memory. She has used this approach in research exploring mobility, transitional justice, memory and emerging politics in Africa’s rapidly growing cities’ populations.

Dr Ndlovu’s PhD thesis explored Zimbabwean migrants’ use of art (poetry, music, drama, film) to navigate precarious lives; speak about violence – including the Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe and xenophobia in South Africa, and memorialise those events.

Dr Ndlovu is passionate about research communication to wider audiences beyond the academy. She translated her PhD dissertation into poetry as a strategy to include the research participants.