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Anuj Kapilashrami

Anuj Kapilashrami is a Lecturer in Global Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh.  Anuj is the Programme Director for the MSc in Global Health & Public Policy, and Associate Director of the Global Development Academy at the University of Edinburgh.

About:  I have an interdisciplinary background in sociology and public health with a specialisation in policy and systems research, and sexual and reproductive health. I work at the intersections of health politics and development praxis, with particular interest in their interface with gender, human rights and social justice. Over the last seventeen years I have worked with various development actors and social movements in India, the UK and Europe in varying capacity: feminist researcher, academic, trainer and policy analyst.

My research projects fall under three broad categories: 1) Health policy and governance; specifically, equity and health systems implications of global health initiatives/ partnerships and private sector engagement in health policy;  2) Theoretical and methodological engagement with participative governance and the role of social movements in advancing right to health; 3) Intersectional inequalities, gender violence and structural determinants of health.

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