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Chisomo Kalinga

Chisomo Kalinga is a Wellcome-funded literary post-doctoral researcher at the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh. Her current project is titled “Tili Tonse (We are Listening): Mapping Oral Storytelling Traditions and Narratives with Health in Malawi”. Several of the research sites are located on the Mozambican, Tanzanian and Zambian borders to encourage a deeper understanding of African borderlands as a conceptual space and its impact on access to healthcare.

As part of my current research, I am conducting oral literature fieldwork near health service points (traditional healing and biomedical) to investigate storytelling forms and their engagement with health practices within the nearby communities. I am particularly interested in how representational and literary practices inform discourses on health, wellbeing and the body.

Another outcome of this project is to launch the Malawi Medical Humanities network, a platform for Malawiana researchers around the world, to share events, programmes, project and meeting spaces to study the links between health and the humanities in an African context. The core objective of my research is to offer cultural and narrative analyses to contemporary studies of health and wellbeing, particularly in the context of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, through an review of creative outputs.

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