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EJ Milne

EJ Milne is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University.  Her research focuses on the process, politics and ethics of knowledge production with particular regard to people in transition and / or affected by conflict. This includes people identifying as LGBTQI, migrants and refugees and young people.


About:  My research focuses on issues of social justice, the politics and ethics of research and innovative research methodologies and methods. I use qualitative methods and specialise in critically reflective, creative and sensory research. This includes participatory and community based research; and sensory methods including photography (photovoice, photo elicitation, visual focus groups, photo diaries), film (participatory video, video diaries, documentary), drawing and mapping; and audial-methods (soundscapes, music, audio diaries).  My work seeks to further the development of more negotiated processes of knowledge production working not only in my interests, and that of the academy, but also for the interests of, and for, participants and their communities. To this end community members and civil society organisations are often involved in my research as co-researchers and research partners.

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