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Izwi Lethu

Schuler, G., Oliveira, E. and Vearey, J. (eds) (2016) Izwi Lethu. MoVE and ACMS: Johannesburg.

Izwi Lethu is Zulu for ‘our voice’. More than 30 sex work representatives brought their unique voices to share the Izwi Lethu newsletter in its first year. Featured writers chose to write on a vast array of topics, taking the reader from a courtroom in Botswana to online adult chat rooms. While challenges faced by sex workers are well documented, their voices are often absent in public discussions of sex work, academic representations of sex work, and media reporting on sex work. This participatory arts-based project seeks to highlight sex worker stories in sex worker’s own words. Built on previous partnerships between the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS) and the Sisonke Sex Worker Movement, this project aims to link research to issues of social justice and and advocacy.

About Greta Schuler

Greta Schuler is a PhD candidate in creative writing and a doctoral fellow at the African Centre for Migration and Society (ACMS). Her dissertation focuses on the lives of migrant sex workers in Johannesburg.

With ACMS’s MoVE project, Greta is facilitating creative writing workshops with sex workers and running the Gauteng sex worker newsletter, Izwi Lethu: Our Voice. Greta’s short stories and essays have appeared in various literary journals, including Creative Nonfiction, the Crab Orchard Review, and PANK (online). She holds an MA in Forced Migration from the University of the Witwatersrand and an MFA in Creative Writing from American University, Washington, DC.