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Kol Wickramage

Kol Wickramage is the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Global Migration Health Research and Epidemiology Coordinator, and has served in IOM Migration Health Programs since 2009.  Kol has worked on a broad spectrum of health programs ranging from medical interventions for ex-combatants following civil conflict, to migration health policy formulation, epidemiological research surveys, Yellow fever/MERS/Ebola virus outbreaks and post-crisis interventions in mass displacement contexts.

Dr. Wickramage has designed public health programs along 3 trajectories of emergencies (natural disasters, civil conflicts and health emergencies). Kol previously led IOM’s health programme in Sri Lanka, establishing health interventions in the aftermath of protracted war, and catalysed a national migration health policy through an evidence-based, Inter-ministerial process. He co-chaired the National Research Committee on Migration Health in Sri Lanka and provided guidance in formulating national action plans on migration health in other countries. He previously worked with the World Health Organisation (WHO) (2004-2008) on setting up medical programs for displaced populations, and undertook a national review of community based PHC and mental health.

Kol has authored 31 peer-reviewed scientific articles and 3 book chapters at the nexus of migration health, conflict and development. His work has been published in leading medical journals such as the Lancet, Forensic Medicine and health law & policy journals. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Sydney, has obtained a Master of Public Health (international health) and Master of Human Rights (in Health law) and completed his PhD at Faculty of Medicine examining Chronic Disease management at Primary Health Care. He is an alumna of the Harvard University Leadership programme in 2014.

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