(Well)Being in the City: a focus on health and migration in Johannesburg

Special issue: (Well)Being in the City: a focus on health and migration in Johannesburg (March 2017) Urban Forum 28, no. 1. [ISSN: 1015-3802 (Print) 1874-6330 (Online)

In this issue, insights into how migration and mobility are mediating health within an African urban context are brought together. The papers bring the voices of different urban migrant groups to the fore and provide fresh perspectives on approaches for exploring how to research and respond to migration, mobility, and urban health in southern Africa. Advocating for mixed method and multi-disciplinary approaches, the papers provide important contributions to multi-disciplinary thinking around complex social issues.

Editorial:  Urban Health in Johannesburg: Migration, Exclusion and Inequality, Jo Vearey, (pg 1-4) OPEN ACCESS

Crossing the Borders of Humanitarianism: Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Inner-City JohannesburgMatthew Wilhelm-Solomon and Jens Pedersen (pg 5-26)

“At Your Own Risk”: Narratives of Migrant Sex Workers in Johannesburg, Greta Schuler (pg 27-42)

‘I am more than just a sex worker but you have to also know that I sell sex and it’s okay’: Lived Experiences of Migrant Sex Workers in Inner-City Johannesburg, South AfricaElsa Oliveira (pg 43-57)

Selling Sex, Mothering and ‘Keeping Well’ in the City: Reflecting on the Everyday Experiences of Cross-Border Migrant Women Who Sell Sex in JohannesburgRebecca Walker (pg 59-73)

Giving Birth in a Foreign Land: Exploring the Maternal Healthcare Experiences of Zimbabwean Migrant Women Living in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tackson Makandwa and Jo Vearey (pg 75-90) OPEN ACCESS

Queering Mobility in Urban Gauteng: Transgender Internal Migrants and Their Experiences of “Transition” in Johannesburg and Pretoria, Nadzeya Husakouskaya (pg. 91-110)

Cultural Causations and Expressions of Distress: a Case Study of Buufis Amongst Somalis in Johannesburg, Zaheera Jinnah (pg. 111-123)

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